Monday, 8 February 2016

Call of Cthulhu 20th Anniversary GenCon 2002 (Copper Elder Sign)

Name: Call of Cthulhu 20th Anniversary Gen Con 2002 Edition (Copper Elder Sign)
Release date: 2002
Publisher: Chaosium Inc. 
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Description: Dark green faux leather Hardcover with gold foil imprints at the spine, heavy/aged paper inside, a silk ribbon bookmark and a special library sticker at the front endpage. Plus: A special page for signatures, numbering and a Chaosium stamp. 

What is really, really special about this version: It does not have a numbering, like the "normal" GenCon Editions. Instead of a numbering (xx of 20) it has the sentence "Omni rumores sunt veritates" imprinted which roughly translates to: All rumors are true. 
Furthermore it has a copper coloured elder sign at the front cover, not a golden one like the other GenCon editions. 
Therefore it is absolutely unique and even more rare than the other twenty GenCon Editions. 

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