Friday, 14 February 2014

Pathfinder Core Rulebook - Contributor´s Special Edition

Name: Pathfinder Core Rulebook - Contributor´s Special Edition
Release date: 2009
Publisher: Paizo Publishing
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Description: At first glance the book looks like the normal Pathfinder Core Rulebook, BUT at the second glance you realize that the Pathfinder lettering on front cover and spine is made of gold foil instead of the normal yellow print. Furthermore the add-on lettering "Special Edition" can be found above it. The book was given out to Paizo employees and Pathfinder contributors only. Just a few were auctioned off at charity events/auctions.
It has gilded pages and it is signed by nearly all Paizo employees and contributors on the first page.

Let pictures talk....

Front cover with gold foil lettering

Spine with gold foil lettering

Back cover
Logo in gold foil and add-on lettering "Special Edition" on front cover

Gilded pages

Signatures of nearly all involved Paizo employees/contributors

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