Friday, 21 February 2014

Vampire - The Masquerade 20th Anniversary (V20) - Grand Masquerade - Edition

Name: Vampire - The Masquerade 20th Anniversary (V20) - Grand Masquerade - Edition 
Release date: 2011
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Description: Black genuine leather cover with imprinted Vampire Ankh and logo.The spine shows relief letters and a big V20 plate inserted into it. The spine has the look of an old hand-bound book. It has silver-edged pages and two silk-ribbon bookmarks (red and black). This beauty is really special in many different ways: it has an add-on lettering "The Grand Masquerade" and "New Orleans 2011" imprinted on the front cover (the "normal" deluxe limited edition has not). It was only sold to preorder customers, who attended the Grand Masquerade Convention hosted in New Orleans in 2011. Those preorder customers got vouchers in advance which could be swapped for the book at the convention. This book is therefore pretty rare but it is neither signed nor numbered.

And now...

Special "Grand Masquerade" front cover
Back cover
Two silk-ribbon bookmarks

Silver-edged pages
V20 plate inserted into the spine
Grand Masquerade logo
Imprint on the front cover (Grand Masquerade convention took place in New Orleans in 2011)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Pathfinder Core Rulebook - Contributor´s Special Edition

Name: Pathfinder Core Rulebook - Contributor´s Special Edition
Release date: 2009
Publisher: Paizo Publishing
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Description: At first glance the book looks like the normal Pathfinder Core Rulebook, BUT at the second glance you realize that the Pathfinder lettering on front cover and spine is made of gold foil instead of the normal yellow print. Furthermore the add-on lettering "Special Edition" can be found above it. The book was given out to Paizo employees and Pathfinder contributors only. Just a few were auctioned off at charity events/auctions.
It has gilded pages and it is signed by nearly all Paizo employees and contributors on the first page.

Let pictures talk....

Front cover with gold foil lettering

Spine with gold foil lettering

Back cover
Logo in gold foil and add-on lettering "Special Edition" on front cover

Gilded pages

Signatures of nearly all involved Paizo employees/contributors

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hillfolk Limited Edition (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Name: Hillfolk Limited Edition (Kickstarter Exclusive) - A Game of Iron Age Drama
Release date: November 2013
Publisher: Pelgrane Press Ltd
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Description: Maroon-brown faux leather cover with relief gold foil letters/logo on front cover and spine. The book features an author-signed (Robin D. Laws) and numbered (printrun is limited to 125 copies) book-plate glued onto the end paper.
It was only available to Kickstarter (funded Novemver 2012) backers (Chieftain Level as a minimum).

And now, enjoy...

Front cover


Back cover

End paper with book plate.

Signed and numbered book plate