Sunday, 15 September 2013

Shadowrun 4th Edition Limited Edition - Name Version

Name: Shadowrun 4th Edition Limited Edition - Name VersionRelease Date: 2005
Publisher: Fanpro/WizKids (Fanpro does not exist anymore)
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Description: Black faux leather cover with silver foil imprints on front cover, back cover and spine. This Name Editon is only different in one aspect in comparison to the "normal" Limited Edition (which btw comes in two different black faux leather styles - therefore three different editions of the Shadowrun 4th Edition Limited exist):
The book has the name of a contributor (my book is marked with the name "Michael Fehrenschild") imprinted on the special limited edition page at the start of the book just below the numbering (printrun of 1000 copies - this one is 0041/1000). On this page you can also find a short despricption about the things that make this Limited Edition special. In addition to the imprinted name the book has some signatures of other contributors on the end page. See pictures below and enjoy.

Front cover
Back cover

Special Limited Edition page with contributor name and numbering

Contributor signatures

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