Monday, 10 June 2013

Role Play Convention 2013 - Cologne Germany - June 1st-2nd 2013

RPC (Role Play Convention) is the place for every Roleplayer to be. It hosts Online RPGs, Pen and Paper, LARP and of course everything else which has to do with the topic in general.

RPC took place at Cologne Fair Center on June 1st and June 2nd 2013.

This year´s RPC was even bigger than last year´s. (last year: 50.000 attendees) Due to the fact that the Host (Cologne Fair) crossed RPC with another fair (but in a lot of different fair halls, of course) not only the usual con attendees walked through the halls, but normal housewives with their kids. Very successful experiment in my opinion.
RPC is one of the most important gaming events in the world and I like the fact that online gaming is not such a big part of RPC anymore as it was at the beginnng of the show in 2007. A lot of attendees come to see the latest developments in LARP accessories. And at least 15% of the attendees are costumed.

But see for yourself:

Video Review of RPC 2012

I even bought a Limited Edition book at RPC 2013: "Schattenkatalog 3 Limited Edition", which is the German Version of the Runner´s Black Book 2074 Limited Edition. Pictures of the book to come.

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