Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Der Eine Ring (The One Ring) - Limited Author´s Edition

The following book I got from the friendly CEO of Uhrwerk Verlag, German puplisher of many cool RPGs. Check out their website. English puplisher of The One Ring is Cubicle 7, but unfortunately they do not have such a nice, shiny limited Edition, although their edition comes in a sturdy slipcase.

As usual, you can find many infos about the game on rpg.net. Go and check out the reviews. It´s awesome.

The German Limited Edition (and special author´s edition) comes in a sturdy dark green faux leather hardcover with metal corners and deluxe gold foil imprints.

The Book was released October 2012 at Spiel in Essen.

The author´s version is numbered with Roman Numerals from I (1) to XXX (30) and has the name of the author/contributor imprinted. Mine has number XXVI (26). The "normal" Limited Edition is no different from the author´s copy except for the special field printed on the end-page (which overall shows a map of the Wilderlands) stating thanks to the contributors as well as the name and the Roman Numeral.

At the back there´s a triangular plastic clip, holding the folded full-colour maps of the Wilderlands.

And now....enjoy! This one is VERY deluxe.

Front cover - Damn, I love those metal corners.


Back Cover with Publisher Logo

Logo of the friendly Uhrwerk Verlag

Personalized Author´s Edition Field with Roman Numerals (not a sticker, but part of the page)

Location of the Author´s Copy Edition Field at the end-page
Included Map of the Wilderlands I

Included Map of the Wilderlands II

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