Monday, 20 May 2013

Vampire the Masquerade Kukri Dagger

Not exactly a book, but deluxe, rare and totally awesome merchandise.

The Assamite Kukri Dagger was manufactured for White Wolf by ProCut. It was published in 2004 near the end of the old WoD. Each dagger is intricately engraved (looks like laser cutting) with Assamite symbols and markings. This dagger is definitely not a toy. It is a real weapon. It is very heavy and although it does not have a razor sharp edge you could easily deal lethal wounds to other people with it. Collector's discretion advised. 

I absolutely love the vampire skull at the end of the knob.

But see for yourself...

Man, look at those fangs!


  1. if you are looking to sell this off to a collector. I'd be very interested. been trying to find one for quite a while.

    1. Sorry, but none of my things are for sale. Probably never.